What’s your Repair Strategy? Why continue to repair known weaknesses in your equipment?

Cincinnati RPT offers retrofit packages with “Proven Technology” that are time tested! As tolerances tighten, the old hydraulic feed & compensation systems have too many problems, why spend good money on an old problem? Upgraded components & retrofit packages for older machines enhance the performance, capability and reliability. Upgraded components are designed to fit plug-and-play, proven, tested and warranted!

Component Assemblies:

Spindles, Dressers, Driveboxes, Feedboxes, Headstock, Footstock, Scrape slides, Infeed systems, loaders, compensator units, Hydrostatics ways, Hydro-static dressers, linear slides, dovetail ways, Tooling, Coolant tank, Truing, Worm wheel & shaft, Shafts, gears, retainers, seals, Gibs, Workrest, Blades, cams, guides, loaders, etc.


We repair the problem but more importantly, we determine the root cause of failure and implement a solution. It is our responsibility to provide the customer with feedback. When we get to the bottom of what’s causing your equipment to fail, we determine the best implementation for a corrective solution. We provide you with feedback, pictures and a procedure for a corrective action to prevent the problem from happening again. Our field service staff is available to troubleshoot, dismantle, repair, start-up and train.

Choose Cincinnati RPT for a better, faster, smarter operation!